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Da Vinci instructions and care instructions

Important information about your Da Vinci SUP board, kayak or canoe

The best inflatable dropstitch SUP board, kayak or canoe on the market is now yours. With a few simple steps you can add years to the life of your product and have even more fun with it!


Here you will find useful tips and information on proper care, storage and transport as well as assembly and disassembly instructions for your inflatable SUP board, kayak or canoe.

Inflatable Kayaks

Da Vinci Kajak Anleitung.png

Da Vinci Canoa Kayak Assembly Instructions

Da Vinci Kajak Steueranlage Anleitung

Da Vinci Canoa Kajak Abbildung.png

Da Vinci Canoa Kayak Disassembly Instructions

Da Vinci Canoa Kayak
Dismantling video guide

Da Vinci Canoa Kajak CE Zertifikat.png

CE certificate
Da Vinci Kayak

Da Vinci Canoa Pflegehinweise.png

Da Vinci Care instructions

Da Vinci Safety Instructions

DOC certificate
Da Vinci Canoe

Inflatable SUP boards

Da Vinci SUP Anleitung

Da Vinci SUP board
Assembly and disassembly

Da Vinci SUP Pflege

Da Vinci SUP board
repair and maintenance

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