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Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards

Quality all-round boards for lake, sea and river

Da Vinci SUP Stand Up Paddling

Finding the best inflatable SUP board can be a real challenge as it has to meet the individual needs of the paddler.


Differences in the material and manufacturing process have an enormous impact on the riding experience, the quality and the longevity of a good stand up paddle board. While there are cheap SUP boards out there, a well-built board offers distinct advantages.


The inflatable Da Vinci SUP boards are well thought-out and are manufactured with the latest technology and with the highest precision from the patented SCSL double-layer dropstitch in order to withstand external influences such as salt water, UV radiation or moisture in the long term.

Patented Selytech U-Lite SCSL(TM) Double layer drop stitch

30% higher thread density, 50% less twist

Dropstitch Material Aufbau

gluing and welding

Durable and dimensionally stable SUP boards

Aufbau der Da Vinci SUP-Boards mit geschweisten Nähten

HAWT - Hot Air Welding Tech

With glue alone the durability limit of inflatable SUPs is reached comparatively quickly. That is why the seams of the Da Vinci SUP boards additionally welded with hot air. The PVC melted by HAWT (Hot Air Welding Tech) reinforces the seam line bonded with glue and prevented a possible escape of air. A DS product made with both glue and welding lasts longer and is safer.

Verschweißen der SUP Board Nähte
Schweistechnik der SUP-Boards

double chamber system
with 2 completely separate air chambers

A real plus in safety and stability

Due to the second chamber, there is almost no more bending in the standing area and paddling on the Da Vinci SUP is noticeably more comfortable .

The non-slip Eva deck pad offers a stable stand with maximum comfort even on longer tours or workouts.

SUP Doppelkammer Innenaufbau

In the completely separate chamber , the air is pumped in through a second valve , so that in the event of damage to the outer chamber of the board, the air in the second, inner chamber is retained.

The four longitudinal side walls of the middle chamber as well as the ceiling and floor reinforcements offerenormous stabilityin the stand area.

Da Vinci SUP-Board mit Doppelkammer

Due to the positioning of the chamber under the deck pad base , the second chamber is only noticeable through the second valve.

Extra highscoopat the bow

All Da Vinci SUP boards are designed with an extra high scoop at the bow of the board, which increases driving stability and speed because the board glides better. This is especially helpful in choppy waters where regular boards undercut the wave.

Extra hoher Scoop der SUP-Boards

100% Patented U-Lite SCSL(TM) Double layer drop stitch for stability and performance

All Da Vinci kayaks are made entirely from the patented Selytech Composite Super Light (TM) dropstitch material manufactured.


This material allows the Dopstitch kayaks to have extremely strong sidewalls, a lot more air pressure and is also in terms of rigidity, robustness and feel hardly distinguishable from composite kayaks. The kayak stays anyway very mobile (since light and inflatable) and at the same time extremely rigid and high-performance. Three separately filled air chambers ensure extra safety.

Due to the uniquely rigid droptitch construction, the kayak achieves one in this area despite its low weight unparalleled power, stability and performance

Aufblasbare Doppelkammer SUP-Boards mit viel Volumen im Heck
Da Vinci Touring SUP am Ufer des Brombachsees.jpg
We have been riding the Da Vinci SUP boards for many years and we are thrilled! The touring boards are characterized by high stability and extremely hard-wearing material.

Walter and Alexandra

Da Vinci SUP basic equipment

No more compromises when it comes to safety and functionality.
Our extensive basic equipment makes the Da Vinci SUP Boards versatile.

✔ Patented SCSL (TM) double layer dropstitch

✔ Advanced Selytech V2 glue made in Germany

Welded rails for a longer service life, conservation of resources and 100% tightness

✔ Estandard salt water and UV resistance

Safety relief valve

✔ Non-slip EVA deck pad

✔ D-rings for attaching a kayak seat

✔ Padded neoprene handles

✔ Practical luggage nets

✔ D-rings for securing at bow and stern

✔ US fin box prepared for transport system

✔ Collision protection on the underside of the bow

✔ Efficient double action pump with pressure gauge

✔ Set with bag, fin, packing strap and repair kit

Da Vinci Lost Mills 12´6"

The legendary Lost Mills Race SUP board in the improved new edition.An ambitious board for ambitious paddlers.

Da Vinci Physio 11'5"

The Da Vinci Physio SUP board is the ideal training and all-round board for the whole family and is also suitable for higher weight loads.

Da Vinci Touring 11´0"

The unique Da Vinci Touring SUP board combines all common board types. It is particularly impressive because of its size as an agile and sporty fitness, touring and all-round board.

Da Vinci Teen 8´0"

The Da Vinci youth SUP board was specially developed to meet the needs of young people. The optimized size provides the best foundations for efficient and healthy paddling without overexertion.

Da Vinci SUP Gallery

Da Vinci full carbon paddle

Find the right premium SUP paddle for your stand up paddle board!

Da Vinci Premium SUP Carbonpaddel_edited_edited.png
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