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Inflatable Dropstitch Canoe

Da Vinci Dropstitch Kanu aufblasbar mit Elefanten im Klong Prao River

Innovative canoe technology in a timeless design

NMMA Zertifizierung für Kanu

Your advantages with our inflatable canoe:


✔ Construction from 100% patented SCSL (TM) double layer dropstitch

Advanced Selytech V2 glue made in Germany with up to 30% higher density

Welded rails for a longer service life, conservation of resources and 100% tightness

Lower skin made of highly tear-resistant and abrasion-resistant 1,100 denier polyester (military quality)

High abrasion resistance and durabilityas well as enormous salt water and UV resistance

Removable bottom for quick cleaning and small pack size

✔ Fast assembly and disassembly, open design for easy entry and plenty of storage space

100% Patented U-Lite SCSL Double layer drop stitch
for stability and performance

The difference to comparable inflatable canoes lies primarily in the use of the new patented U-Lite dropstitch materials, which give the dropstitch canoe its extremely stable side walls.

The Da Vinci canoes are made entirely from the patented fabric manufactured and bring inflatable air canoes a new level. Three separately filled air chambers ensure extra safety.

This material allows the canoes a lot more air pressure and is also in terms of rigidity, robustness and feel hardly distinguishable from solid material. The Da Vinci canoe is very mobile (since light and inflatable) and at the same time extremely rigid and high-performance.

Due to the uniquely rigid droptitch construction, it achieves one in this area despite its low weight unparalleled power, stability and performance

Da Vinci Kajak Dropstitch Aufbau
Aufblasbare Kanu PVC-Spitze Hartschalen

ABS hard shells for improved hydrodynamics

Thanks to the V-shaped underwater hull, which was redesigned on the computer, and the ABS hard-shell tips at the bow and stern, the inflatable canoe has a exceptionally good gliding behavior, one excellent directional stability, a improved flow such as easier and faster paddling.


The robust hard shells protect the dropstitch canoe on the bank, cut the waves optimally while paddling and guarantee that Driving feeling of a composite canoe.


HAWT - Hot Air Welding Tech

With glue alone the durability limit of inflatable kayaks is reached comparatively quickly. That is why the seams of all Da Vinci kayaks are sewn welded with hot air. The PVC melted by HAWT (Hot Air Welding Tech) reinforces the seam line taped over with glue and prevented a possible escape of air. A dropstitch kayak made with both glue and welding lasts longer and is safer.

Verschweißen der Kajak Nähte
Schweistechnik der SUP-Boards
Da Vinci Canoa Floor Flaps.jpeg

The first 100% dropstitch canoe with removable floor

Of the one-off removable dropstitch Flex Floor is with stainless steel pins fastened and can thus be removed quickly and easily without tools. Removing the canoe floor allows a smaller packing size and a thorough cleaning.


Additional Floor flaps (sealing strips) on the side of the floor are attached to the side wall with Velcro to secure the reduce dirt ingress.

Directionally and dimensionally stable as a hard shell canoe

When pressure is applied, pressure develops between the removable floor and side walls 2 outer hull sections who have favourited the dropstitch Canoe extremely stable make.


The wedge-shaped construction reduces susceptibility to wind  of the Air Canoe while providing more space. This is how it is filled with 10 PSI pressure dimensionally stable like a hard shell canoe.

The hull is extremely resistant to external impacts as well UV and salt water resistant.

Kajak aufblasbar mit Außenrumpfsektionen
Da Vinci Dropstitch Kanu mit zwei Paddlern in einer Flusszweigung in Thailand
Paddeln mit aufblasbarem Kanu am Brombachsee

Extensive canoe basic equipment
Everything you need to start paddling right away

  • Two safety lines 

  • 12 stainless steel D-rings

  • Two exchangeable carrying handles with neoprene cover

  • Three valves with bayonet lock

  • US fin box for inserting different fins and prepared for mounting an axle with wheels

  • Four open and two closable water drains​

  • Adjustable seats

  • US box fin

  • Extensive repair set

  • Efficient double action hand pump with pressure gauge 

  • Two practical transport straps

  • Lightweight bag for stowing

Da Vinci® Canoa canoe

The best inflatable dropstitch canoe with convincing driving characteristics and storage space for longer tours. Can be used as a two or three seater seated or kneeling.

Da Vinci Canoa gallery

Da Vinci premium Canoe web seat

Made in Germany by the high-tech joinery Baals


Ash wood - the best choice for dynamically stressed parts

  • High degree of hardness and high elasticity

  • Excellent strength properties

  • High abrasion resistance

  • Covered with the highest quality UV-resistant polyamide straps


Oiled and varnished five times with Bio Pin high-tech boat oil and boat varnish made in Germany


biopin boat oil follows a traditional Scandinavian wood treatment method and contains a particularly weather-resistant special mixture with lots of linseed oil and wood oil . It is extremely seawater resistant and remains permanently flexible . biopin boat oil has good penetration and adhesion properties and, when used properly , is resistant to UV radiation from sunlight for many years .

Unique features of our inflatable Da Vinci canoe

Da Vinci aufblasbares Kanu Packmaß

Compact pack size
By thelow Pdimensions of the inflatable canoe ethe Da Vinci Canoa is ideal for taking with you in the car, mobile home or even on air travel.

Da Vinci Kanu Lensventile zum Wasserabfluss

Valves for water drainage

Convenient water drainage via 4 drains located at the bow and stern. When the kayak is tilted, the water drains off automatically.

Da Vinci Dropstitch Kanu mit Ruder

Rudder function

By adding oar holders, the Da Vinci canoe can also be used torowing are used. If you want to retrofit this holder, just contact us.

Da Vinci Dropstitch wird von zwei Männern getragen

Carrying handles

2 adjustable and relocatable carrying handles covered with neoprene can be optionally attached to 3 D-rings. Thus, they allow easier and more balanced carrying of the canoe.

Edelstahl Karabiner und D-Ringe

Stainless steel D-rings & carabiners

All Carabiners and D-rings are durable stainless steel to prevent corrosion.

Da Vinci aufblasbares Kanu mit verstelbaren SItzen.jpg

Adjustable seats

With 44cm long seat brackets, the seat position can be varied and thus adjusted to the weight of the paddler or the leg length to ensure optimal driving characteristics.

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