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Kayak and double paddle

The ideal carbon paddle for your SUP or kayak

The paddle is often used when buying a kayak too little attention free, but the paddle is the motor and it has one enormous impact on performance in water.


The ideal kayak double paddle should be light and stable, but at the same time powerful and efficient. Nevertheless, it must have enough flex to protect the joints. Since the paddle is held in the hands for a long time, the weight is a decisive factor.


The Da Vinci kayak double paddles are equipped with extra-light 100% carbon shafts. you are for Beginners and advanced equally well suited and combine driving pleasure with optimal use of power and propulsion.

  • 100% 12K full carbon blade

Paddelblatt eines Premium Da Vinci Kajakpaddels aus Carbon
  • 100% 3K full carbon shaft

The double paddle is the motor of the kayak.

For paddling tours are narrow, long paddle blades ideal as they allow a relatively flat paddling position. This is especially important on long tours more energy-saving and less susceptible to wind.


With less effort you still get the optimal propulsion.

Da Vinci Kajak Paddel Blatt
Da Vinci Kajak Paddelblatt Seitenansicht

The ideal size and shape of the paddle blade.

The computer designed paddle blades of the Da Vinci kayak paddle consist of abrasion-resistant glass fiber reinforced polypropylene. The medium sheet size offers the ideal combination from powerful drive and relaxed gliding.


Through the low flywheel mass the blades glide in and out of the water easily, creating a efficient, energy-saving paddling allows. Due to the low effort, you can easily hold one steady speed.

Light, strong and adjustable.

The specially designed carbon shaft provides an average between stiffness and flexibility, which optimally transfers the power of each individual stroke into the water without tiring quickly.

The kayak double paddle is light, robust and is with one quick release system equipped that the Length and degree adjustment allows.

Da Vinci Kajak Paddel mit verstellbarem Schaft
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