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Professionals as guests in the SUP center

The Lost Mills - the largest SUP race in Europe

The Lost Mills Race, which took place from 2012-2017, is now one of the largest SUP events in the world as an international race. With over 220 participants from 27 different countries - including South Africa and Japan - it had by far the highest number of participants and spectators in Europe.


At this event, the best paddlers, designers, journalists and exhibitors from all over the world met at the SUP Center Brombachsee.


With TV broadcasts and global media presence in social networks and trade magazines, Lost Mills now has well over 1 million views worldwide.


In addition to the 18km long distance race, the program included a 200m sprint course directly on the bank - perfect for spectators - as well as amateur and children's races with great material and cash prizes.

The Lost Mills SUP Race Poster

We are home to the best paddlers in the world and we are happy to pass this experience on to our customers!

Thanks to many years of experience and close contact with development teams and the former designer of Mistral - Ernstfried Prade, as well as with SUP professionals such as world champion Connor Baxter, we are always up to date.


Guests visiting the SUP center included:

  • Philip Köster (GER), world champion in windsurfing

  • Chase Kosterlitz (USA), world champion in stand up paddling

  • Connor Baxter (Hawaii), world number one, 3-time winner of the Lost Mills

  • Enzo Bennett (Tahiti)

  • Steeve Teihotaata (Tahiti) 

  • Michael Booth (AUS), world number two, winner Lost Mills 2016

  • Danny Ching (USA), The fastest paddler in the world

  • Frank Gondek (GER), NRW champion 

  • Zsane Schweitzer (Hawaii)

  • Casper Steinfath (DAN)

  • Beau O'Brien (AUS)

  • Laura Quetglas (ESP)

  • Susanne Lier (GER)

  • Arthur Arutkin (FRA)

  • Eric Terrien (FRA)

  • Bart de Zwart (NED)

  • Jamie Mitchell (USA)

  • Steve West (USA), author of "Bieble of STAND UP PADDLE" 

  • Chistopher Parker (AUS), editor-in-chief of "SUPRACER" - the largest SUP magazine in the world

  • Annabele Anderson (NZ), world number one

  • Sonny Höhnscheid (GER), third in the world rankings

  • Fiona Wylde (USA), fourth in the world rankings

  • Angela Jackson (AUS)

  • Olivia Piana (FRA)

  • Seychelles Hattingh (USA)

  • Manca Notary (SLO)


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