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Dropstitch Kayak Set: Light and robust, easy to handle and transport

Finally a kayak that you can transport alone! The Da Vinci Dropstitch Kayak 375+ is durable and easy to clean, which makes it the ideal inflatable kayak for travel and limited storage. Thanks to the welded construction made from 100% patented Selytech Dropstitch, the kayak can be set up quickly and easily. The material allows for a compact pack size while at the same time offering you the driving experience of a composite kayak. The open design makes it particularly easy for you to get in and out and you have plenty of storage space. Three separately filled air chambers ensure extra safety.


Tip: Secure the special price and order your kayak directly in a set with paddle.



Welded double layer dropstitch for stability and performance

The Da Vinci Canoa Vario 375+ single kayaks are made entirely of patented dropstitch fabric. This material allows the kayaks much more air pressure and, in combination with the hard PVC tips, can hardly be distinguished from solid material in terms of stiffness, robustness and feel - the gliding properties are improved and you paddle much faster and more efficiently than with comparable tube and air kayaks ! Thanks to the rigid construction, you achieve unique power, stability and performance despite the light weight. Additional welded rails increase durability and airtightness, so that you can have fun with your kayak in the long term and paddle carefree!


Easy cleaning and transport

The removal of the floor is unique for inflatable kayaks: in connection with the two side walls, this gives the kayak enormous tilting stability and directional stability by lowering under pressure. So you can concentrate fully on paddling and don´t have to keep deflecting to get the kayak back on track. Removing the floor also allows for thorough cleaning of the kayak and, if necessary, a smaller pack size.


Fast and uncomplicated assembly and disassembly

Due to the compact dimensions in the practical roller bag, the Da Vinci kayak is ideal for transporting in the mobile home, trunk or on the back seat and is therefore the perfect companion when travelling. With the help of our efficient double action pump, you can inflate the kayak within 10 minutes and start paddling straight away. The dismantling and folding are much easier than with comparable inflatable boats and dropstitch kayaks thanks to the subtle markings of the folding points on the kayak!



  • Construction of 100% patented SCSL (TM) double layer dropstitch
  • Advanced Selytech V2 glue made in Germany with up to 30% higher density
  • Welded rails for a longer service life, conservation of resources and 100% tightness
  • Improved seats for more stability and comfort
  • Stainless steel adapter with eye on the bow
  • High abrasion resistance and durability as well as enormous salt water and UV resistance
  • Bottom cover made of highly tear-resistant and abrasion-resistant 1,100 denier polyester (military quality)
  • Bow raised by PVC insert for better splash water drainage
  • Extra reinforcement of the hypodermis for grounding


More details about the kayaks

Dropstitch Inflatable Kayak - Da Vinci Canoa Vario 375+ Set

PriceFrom €1,099.00
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    length 375cm
    Broad 78cm
    Height 35cm
    packing size(without accessories) 75x40x45cm
    Weight 13.9kg (without accessories and controller)

    Max. payload



    1 adult + child

    pressure filling

    Build-up/pumping time

    10PSI / 0.7BAR

    about 10-15 minutes


    paddle length adjustable 230-250cm
    packing size 4 parts, max. 78cm
    material Carbon shaft, glass fiber reinforced polyamide sheet

    • 1 Praktische Tasche mit Rollen und Rucksackfunktion
    • 2 Sicherheitsleinen
    • 3 Wechselbare Tragegriffe mit Neoprenüberzug
    • 1 Ergonomischer Sitz mit Sitzkissen zur Anpassung der Sitzhöhe (5 cm)
    • 1 Verstellbare Vario-Fußstütze
    • 1 Umfangreiches Reparaturset
    • 1 Effiziente Doppelhub-Handpumpe mit Manometer und Abpumpfunktion
    • 2 Praktische Transportgurte
    • 1 Windshield
    • 1 Abnehmbare US Finne
    • 1 PVC-Brücke mit Ablage für Front Cover

    Je nach Set:

    • 1 Vierteiliges Kajakpaddel mit Carbonschaft
    • 1 Steueranlage mit Ruderblatt und Pedalen