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Always a paddle stroke ahead

Choosing the right kayak paddle is essential, because the paddle is your motor. Our double paddles impress with their low weight, optimized feel and efficient blade shape. A lossless transfer of power to the paddle blades gives you significantly more propulsion than conventional paddles.

Optimum power transmission

The stiff carbon shaft of the kayak paddle optimally transfers your power into the water, but has enough flex to protect your joints and reduce your effort. The asymmetrical blade design ensures efficient propulsion and a straight paddle pull, so you can fully concentrate on the frequency of your paddle stroke. The angle of both blades can be infinitely adjusted so that you can dive perfectly into the water with the paddle.

Light weight
The weight of the double paddle has a huge impact on your effort and paddling technique. You hold the paddle permanently in your hand and dip it into the water more than 3,000 times during a sporty hour of kayaking. You notice every gram of the paddle at the end. If you save some weight here, your entire paddle stroke will be much more efficient and natural - you have more endurance, can paddle a higher frequency with less effort and you can move forward faster.


  • Light shaft made of 100% 3K full carbon
  • Robust blade made of glass fiber reinforced polyamide

Da Vinci kayak double paddle carbon 2-piece

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    length 230-250cm
    packing size 130cm
    weight 890g