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Training and all-round iSUP board set for the whole family

The inflatable Da Vinci Physio SUP Board is particularly impressive as a universal fitness, all-round and touring board for the whole family thanks to its size of 11´5". It is extremely stable and is therefore particularly suitable for higher weight loads. It can be used in the lake, river or at sea. Standard D-rings also allow use with a seat and double paddle. Completely dried and rolled up, the board can be easily stowed and transported in the supplied backpack.


Yoga, fitness and pilates on the SUP board
The Physio Board is also designed for yoga, Pilates, Qi Gong and fitness exercises as well as strength training on the water. It can also be used on land as a yoga or fitness mat, just like in the water: simply remove the fin from the board and you can start your exercises.


Selytech Doublelayer Dropstitch for stability and performance
The patented Selytech Doublelayer Dropstitch makes the Physio Board extremely stiff and gives you the stability you need for a safe and comfortable footing or more demanding exercises on the water. The angular rear gives the leisure SUP enormous stability against tipping and at the same time supports the turning ability. Due to the volume, the board has extremely good gliding properties and allows you to paddle more easily and efficiently.


Welded rails for greater durability and 100% airtightness
The seams of the Da Vinci Physio SUP boards are welded with hot air in a complex process. The PVC melted by HAWT (Hot Air Welding Tech) connects the individual layers, reinforcing the glued seam lines and preventing possible air leakage. A DS product made with both glue and welding will last longer, be lighter and be safer.


Double chamber and pressure relief valve for more safety and stability
The double chamber system offers you a real plus in terms of safety and driving experience. Due to the four longitudinal side walls of the middle chamber as well as the top and bottom reinforcements, the board has hardly any bends in the standing area, offers enormous stability and a riding experience like on a hard board. In the completely separate chamber, the air is pumped in through a second valve, so that in the event of damage to the outer chamber of the board, the air in the second, inner chamber is retained. Special pressure relief valves prevent damage to the seams in high heat or over-pumping.



  • Patented SCSL (TM) double layer dropstitch
  • Advanced Selytech V2 glue made in Germany
  • Welded rails for a longer service life, conservation of resources and 100% tightness
  • Safety relief valve
  • Non-slip Eva deck pad
  • D-rings for attaching a kayak seat
  • Padded neoprene handles
  • Practical luggage nets
  • D-rings for securing at bow and stern
  • US fin box prepared for transport system
  • Collision protection on the underside of the bow


Da Vinci Physio 11´5" iSUP Board Set inflatable

PriceFrom €850.00
VAT Included |

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    length11´5" | 350cm


    33” | 84cmHeight6” | 15cmweight

    11.8 kg (double chamber)

    10.2 kg (single chamber)

    Max load

    up to 130 kg (double chamber)

    up to 110 kg (single chamber)


    15 PSI (main chamber)

    10 PSI (2nd chamber)


    • Da Vinci Physio 11´5" SUP board
    • Removable US fin
    • Extensive repair set
    • Modern and efficient double-stroke pump with pressure gauge
    • Practical backpack for transporting the board
    • Carrying strap with Velcro