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The right Stand Up Paddling SUP technique

​Effective, health-oriented and natural stand up paddling according to the Da Vinci system

Die richtige SUP Paddeltechnik nach dem Da Vinci System

The right SUP technique is essential for natural Stand Up Paddling that is easy on the joints and back.


The prerequisite for a functional, physiological paddling technique is the optimal paddle length, because only this enables fluid paddling on the one hand and on the other hand it ensures the so important rotational movements during the paddle stroke. In addition, the paddle length is crucial for the glide of the paddle out of the water in the swing or exit phase.The Da Vinci system results in the optimal paddle length adapted to the respective anatomy in relation to leg and torso length.

The four phases of the optimal SUP paddle stroke

stage 1
immersion/catch phase

stage 2
train/power phase

stage 3
recovery/exit phase

stage 4
prefetch/recovery phase

Da Vincis masterpiece: The Vitruvian Man and the determination of the optimal SUP paddle length

With the Da Vinci system, the optimal SUP paddle length Paddling in round and natural figure-eight movements during the 4 phases of the optimal paddle stroke: Dive - Power Draw - Retrieve - Prehaul Allowed. As a result, the Joints and the back / neck muscles are greatly relieved.


Many of the findings from Da Vincis investigations flow into the right SUP technique, for example this rotational movements of fingers and hands, the spine and the shoulder area. In the renewed forward phase of the paddle, combined with a rotational movement from the torso and hand, the optimal paddle length allows for a forward movement of the paddle blade close to the water surface.



The Da Vinci SUP Technique takes into account all the dimensions of the Da Vinci sketch of the Vitruvian Man.This results in the respective anatomy in relation optimal paddle length adapted to leg and torso length. Da Vincis golden section also contains the range of Adjusted Stand on the board, both in the parallel and in the surf stand. In order to get optimal propulsion when paddling, you need above all thecorrect immersion depth and the correct immersion angle of the paddle in the power phase.

Originally after Da Vinci:

"If you open your legs so far that your height decreases by 1/14 and you raise your arms so far that your middle fingers touch the top of your head, then know that the navel represents the center of the outstretched limbs and the space forms an isosceles triangle between the legs"

If you lay the paddle horizontally on your head, you get the correct length when one hand grips the handle and the other hand grips the beginning of the paddle blade with your arms stretched out.

SUP Da Vinci Anleitung zur Bestimmung der optimalen SUP-Paddellänge

The connection of Stand Up Paddling with the principles and goals of physiotherapeutic measures

physio sup logo
  • Restoring, promoting and maintaining physical health

  • Natural Stand Up Paddling adapted to the bodily functions

  • Health-oriented and biomechanically correct paddling

  • Movement as an active healing method

  • As an adjunct to medical treatments

  • Simple and effective measure for prevention and rehabilitation

SUP-Paddel falsche Technik.png

Only with the right technology:
Stand Up Paddling for health

The message is clear: SUP is easy to learn and makes you fit. It is also clear to everyone that kayaking and canoeing as paddling sports also make you fit, but, compared to SUP, they use and train less muscles. The Da Vinci system offers simple and effective measures for prevention and rehabilitation.

  • cardiovascular system

  • agility

  • coordination

  • strength and endurance

  • equilibrium and balance

  • speed

  • Torso stabilization through rotational movements

  • Muscle development: arm extensors, deltoids, rectis abdominis

  • (six pack), thigh and calf muscles, deep muscles

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