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SUP paddle for stand up paddling

Light and efficient premium carbon paddles

  • 100% 12K full carbon blade

  • 100% 3K full carbon shaft

Da Vinci Premium SUP Carbonpaddel_edited_edited.png
  • 100% 3K full carbon grip

  • ABS insert for edge protection

There are a variety of different paddles, all of which have the same purpose: to move the stand up paddle board forward. How well this succeeds depends heavily on the paddle. Therefore, when buying a SUP board set, you should by no means save on the paddle, because this is the engine.


Consider that you lift the paddle out of the water more than 3000 times per hour, you realize that Paddle weight and shape are extremely important for an efficient paddle stroke and optimal power transmission.


The Da Vinci all-round and premium carbon paddles with Dihedral V-Drive are the ideal complement to your stand up paddle board and support you in your paddling sessions.

Da Vinci Premium SUP Carbonpaddel Aufbau

Choosing the right paddle

Choosing the right paddle for stand up paddling and kayaking is essential , because the paddle is the motor of paddling.


Our full carbon paddles impress with their low weight and optimized feel.

Dihedral V-Drive: Optimized feel and optimal propulsion

Super light, super stable, super effective.

Our unique Dihedral V-Drive carbon blade ensures optimal propulsion and a straight paddle stroke .


The angle of the blade supports the optimized power transmission to the paddle pull and guarantees optimal immersion in the water.

Da Vinci Premium SUP Carbonpaddel Rückseite

Designed on the computer, tested in practice

Da Vinci SUP Paddel Test mit Profis auf dem Simulator

The Da Vinci paddles are computer designed for a wide range of uses , influenced by experienced paddlers and gold medal winners such as Kristina Zur and Steve West (paddle pope and book author).

Left: Professional paddlers Enzo Benett (Tahiti) and Georges Cronsteadt (Hawaii) testing the new Da Vinci paddles on the paddle simulator at the Brombachsee SUP Center

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Our partner: Uni Horizon Industrial LTD

The largest paddle manufacturer in the world

  • Innovative fiber composite technology

  • Production of over 80,000 premium paddles per year

  • Over 30 years of paddle manufacturing experience

  • State-of-the-art technology and the highest quality standards

Zu Besuch beim größten Paddelhersteller der Welt
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About the right SUP technique and the optimal paddle length.

Optimize your technique according to the Da Vinci system for efficient, health-oriented and natural Stand Up Paddling.

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