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SUP yoga and SUP Pilates

A new way of training on the SUP board

SUP yoga, fitness and Pilates exercises have been the trend of the last few years! In our SUP center at Brombachsee we were one of the first to offer corresponding courses 10 years ago.


Exercises that can be done with ease in the studio mean a completely new experience and challenge on the SUP board. In order to constantly compensate for the slight movements of the water, SUP training requires the entire muscular system. Balance, coordination, muscle strength, cardiovascular and core stabilization are strengthened while body and mind are brought into harmony.


The SUP yoga and SUP Pilates exercises can also be carried out by beginners and offer the perfect opportunity to get to know the sport!

Physio SUP Logo für gesundheitsorientiertes Stand Up Paddling

Current SUP yoga / SUP Pilates dates

In the summer of Mid-May to mid-September directly in the SUP & Kayak Center at Kleiner Brombachsee.

Prices include stand up paddle board, paddle and short instructions. Also suitable for beginners!


Unfortunately, the courses cannot take place in the event of rain, strong wind or unstable weather.


Only with prior registration.


Saturdays 4 - 5:15 p.m. 



Sundays 10 a.m. - 11:15 a.m



Every last Saturday of the month

Start around 7:15 p.m


75 minutes for 20€


Pre-registration directly with Jasmin


Sundays 4 - 5:15 p.m. 



Start around 7:15 p.m



75 minutes for 20€


Pre-registration directly with Theresia

The benefits of SUP Yoga, SUP Pilates and SUP Fitness

  • Balance, coordination and concentration are trained. Every little movement of the water affects the SUP board and body.

  • The deep muscles are trained: by constantly balancing the movements, deep-seated muscles are stressed.

  • Stability and posture improve.

  • Harmony of body, mind and breath through the new perspective on the water.

Just let go, be in the moment and surrender to the element of water. And most importantly: have fun!

SUP-Yoga Übung auf dem Da Vinci Yoga SUP-Board
Fitnessübungen auf dem Da Vinci Touring SUP-Board

Enjoy those new experience of SUP yoga, get involved and feel your limits while training on the water.

Yoga Übungen auf dem Da Vinci SUP-Board

You don't have to be a professional! SUP yoga, SUP Pilates and SUP fitness are also for yoga and SUP beginner suitable.

Da Vinci SUP-Yoga in Koh Chang

The Da Vinci SUP boards are ideal for fitness and Pilates on the water and offer the necessary stability even for more demanding exercises.

Yoga master Makhaba Osaknova (Kazakhstan, above) and gymnastics star Olga Eliseev (Siberia, below) training on the Da Vinci SUP boards

Fitness auf dem Da Vinci SUP-Board
Hanstand auf dem Da Vinci SUP-Board

And now it is your turn.
Use your Da Vinci SUP board for training.

Before you train on your SUP board, here are a few tips:

  • Make sure the water is calm and there is little wind.

  • It is best to start with simple exercises while sitting or lying down.

  • Paddle out on your knees or warm up a bit while paddling.

  • Take your time and get used to the feeling on the water.

And now have fun with your workout!

Da Vinci SUP Training Anleitung

on the Da Vinci SUP board

Da Vinci SUP Yoga Anleitung

on the Da Vinci SUP board

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