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Inflatable kayak, canoe and SUP: test and production

A new level in testing and production processes

Woosung Logo

Our partner: WOOSUNG IB

Market leader in SUP and boat production

  • Production of the boards of all well-known manufacturers

  • Known for excellent quality and experience for over 40 years

  • Partners in over 60 countries

  • KITA certified research and development institute

  • NMMA, Q and ISO 9001 certified

  • Production of over 200,000 SUP boards since 2009

  • Largest manufacturer of inflatable drop stitch kayaks

  • Innovative bonding and welding techniques

  • State-of-the-art cutting and printing techniques

Meeting mit Woosung CEO Haji Lee in Korea
Produktion der aufblasbaren Da Vinci Dropstitch Kajaks
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Woosung ISO Qualitätssiegel Schweiz
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Development in Germany, quality control in the factory

We measure our products with the latest computer technology, test them extensively and make improvements where necessary before production starts.

After building, testing and improving prototypes with German and Korean engineers, we always check the quality with our developers on site in Korea and Vietnam.

  • Development and design made in Germany

  • Build scale models in the development center

  • Review of the models with German and Korean engineerson site

  • Production of the prototypes

  • Testing of the prototypes under real conditions

  • Test by professionals and end users

  • Final review and adjustment of all details

  • start of production

  • Quality check before packing

All Da Vinci® kayaks are manufactured under fair working conditions and undergo rigorous testing quality controls to meet our demands. The kayaks will be sent for after completion 72 hours checked for leaks and only packed after passing a final check.

Verschweißen der Kajak Nähte
Schweistechnik der SUP-Boards

HAWT - Hot Air Welding Tech

With glue alone the durability limit of inflatable kayaks is reached comparatively quickly. That is why the seams of all Da Vinci kayaks are sewn welded with hot air. The PVC melted by HAWT (Hot Air Welding Tech) reinforces the seam line taped over with glue and prevented a possible escape of air. A dropstitch kayak made with both glue and welding lasts longer and is safer.

Patented Selytech U-Lite SCSL (TM) double layer dropstitch fabric


U-Lite ist die neueste SELYTECH Dropstitch Leichtgewicht Innovation vom Marktführer Woosung. Die aufblasbaren Da Vinci SUPs und Kajaks werden vollständig aus dem patentierten SELYTECH SCSL Dropstitch Gewebe gefertigt.


Diese Technologie bringt aufblasbare SUPs und Kajaks auf ein neues Level. 30% mehr Fäden sorgen für die einzigartig starre Dropstitch Konstruktion. Dadurch erreichen die Produkte im Test trotz extrem niedrigem Gewicht eine in diesem Bereich einmalige Leistung, Stabilität und Performance. Der Twist konnte durch die hohe Fadendichte um bis zu 50% reudziert werden.

Selytech Dropstitch Kleber

New market requirements called for a fundamental change in the chemical and physical structure the dropstitch threads and the PVC laminates. The inflatable DS fabric must rough use and tough conditions withstand. It is rolled up and stowed in the trunk of the car, stored in a boat, exposed to extreme heat and cold, and must last for years, without breaking. Nevertheless, thanks to innovation, the SUPs and kayaks through innovation are mobile (because they are light and inflatable) and at the same time extremely rigid and performant.

Selytech Dropstitch Kleber

Extra strong and durable
The new Selytech glue V2 - Made in Germany

  • Excellent adhesion and tensile strength

  • Extreme density, up to 30% higher than other adhesives - the V2 makes the board noticeably stiffer

  • Resistant to UV radiation and anti-oxidation

  • The SELYRECH adhesive is heat resistant up to 150 ° C (302 ° F), which is very valuable compared to other manufacturers (100 ° C / 212 ° F), especially in the equatorial region where the temperatures are high

  • Water-repellent: Basic impermeability to moisture - the main reason for most damage - can be used in regions that have the rainy season or generally have a lot of moisture

  • Welding system: superior adhesion by fusing the glued parts together

  • High plasticizer resistance: Long-term extra protection from plasticizers with high resistance, even at high temperatures

Da Vinci Dropstitch Material
Da Vinci PVC Material

Tested under extreme conditions

Pressure test of the welded seams with elephants under a load of 2.4 tons

Elefant steht auf einem Da Vinci SUP Board
Da Vinci Dropstitch Kanu aufblasbar mit Elefanten im Klong Prao River
Elefant steht im Da Vinci Dropstitch Kajak
Da Vinci SUP Test Tour
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